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An on-going, collaborative, open-access index of Chinese typographic resources.
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字體 Typeface
詞匯 Concept
書刊 Resource
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Index 紀錄
定義 definition
同義詞 synonyms
類別 concept type
圖表 diagrams
註腳 footnotes
創作者 creator
團體 type foundry
創作日期 creation date
創作位置 place
載體材料 material
技術 technique
風格 genre
風格 subgenre
系列 styles
字號 sizes
註解 notes
文獻 publications
註腳 footnotes
類別 resource type
作者 author
日期 publication date
參考文獻 citation
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  1. 發展有關中文平面設計概念,字型和其他相關的詞彙
  2. 收藏相關的設計範例
  3. 提供中文和其他語系的字體設計系統的切入點



字體資料庫由AIGA DEC和帕森斯設計學院贊助支持。所以材料信息來自於Synoptic Office。


  • 朴瑜俊
  • 林欣榮


  • 王藝霏
  • 王弋戈
  • 鄭海彤
  • 陳旻希
  • 張貝妮
  • 唐令行


  • Jack Rieger



© 字體資料庫

字體資料庫採用創用 CC 姓名標示-非商業性-禁止改作 4.0 國際 授權條款授權

The Chinese Type Archive (BETA) compiles and catalogs resources related to Chinese typography to make them open and accessible to the widest possible audience of designers. Its aim is to support designers who use Chinese typography by:

  1. Developing descriptors for concepts, typefaces, and related entities
  2. Archiving related and relevant visual examples
  3. Providing points of entry through translation and highlighting relationships that may be equivalent and not equivalent to other typographic systems

As an archive, we utilize a broad collections approach with the aim of capturing design history and fostering the dialogue, use, and evolution of Chinese typography in a globalized context. The archive focuses on Chinese typography, proper, and incorporates relevant material adjacent to it. Future efforts include tools and methods for typographic analysis and data publishing.

The Chinese Type Archive is an ongoing, collaborative effort run by volunteers. Because of this, the Archive is incomplete and contains omissions and errors. We welcome collaborators, submissions, and corrections.

This project is funded in part by the American Institute of Graphic Arts Design Educators Community grant and the Parsons School of Design General Research Fund. Material support comes from Synoptic Office.

Project Lead

  • Caspar Lam
  • YuJune Park

Project Team

  • Yifei Wang
  • Yige Wang
  • Haitong Zheng
  • Minxi Chen
  • Claire Zhang
  • Dustin Tong


  • Jack Rieger

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